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How to manage cashing.  Each time I open a plan and request an ortho or any camera view the system searches through what appears to be all the files on the C: drive to find the various materials, etc.  This may take three to four minutes.


How can this be corrected or managed?  I have not been able to find anything online which addresses this problem.

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I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that the camera view or ortho displays just find after the long search for the materials, patterns, etc.  I have a high end computer with an excellent video.


I assume there are cashing directories to store all the data for textures, patterns, color, etc    I changed computers a couple years ago and may have not transferred the data correctly.  I thought there might be a tutorial on how to organize this data.  



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43 minutes ago, SAILOR139 said:

I assume there are cashing directories to store all the data for textures, patterns, color, etc   

Not that I know of other than a "Textures" folder found in C:/Documents/Home Designer Pro 2018 Data/Textures but that folder is not for crashing but just a good place to rest your custom material textures. There is also a folder found in C:/Documents/Home Designer Pro 2018 Data/Archives where all copies of plan and layout files you work on are "Archived". This folder is useful in case a plan or layout becomes corrupted, where in some cases a project can be resurrected from this Archives folder ( this folder is also known as an Auto Archive folder). Your best ongoing operation is to manually save every few seconds so when or if a crash occurs, you will only "lose" a few seconds worth of data.


Since you have a lot of confidence in your PC and its hardware, I would carefully check and update all software drivers as that is the main candidate as a cause for any crashes. I have not experienced a crash since the year 2005 and that was caused by a bad mouse driver.


Very few users are competent and personally responsible enough to care about crash directories (which there are none except as I mentioned above). Texture files are stored in C:/Documents/Home Designer Pro 2018 Data/Textures. All other necessary files that support your plan files are also found in C:/Documents/Home Designer Pro 2018 Data/ and C:/Program Files/Home Designer Pro 2018  (I have no idea how such things are parsed on a Mac or Apple) All material, symbol and other associations are stored in each Plan File. Layout files only contain data manually sent to it from plan files.



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Have you taken a look at the Edit->Preferences->General->Folders to see where items are being saved?   Maybe HDPro is looking for data in some other place or possibly over a network.

I could see how that might slow down the program.

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Hi @Sailor139, Lol I am actually NE Indianapolis...


Not sure what features PRO2018 has, but to speed up the performance:

0) Never place a .plan file or a .layout file into a download folder, documents folder, temp folder or something similar.  The software will scan every single file in a folder you placed your plan for textures. So I would create like a folder C:\ChiefArchitect\ProjectXXX. And place your plan there, and the software will only scan C:\ChiefArchitect\ProjectXXX and not a folder with a ton of files.


1) 3D > materials> Plan materials

    Purge what you are not using, textures etc.


2) Sometimes "Camera View Set" layer picks up some bogus layers that you do not need to render in 3D.

    In ALDO turn off the layers you do not think are relevant in your camera view. 

    Or create new layer sets: e.g. Camera View Set - Foundations, Camera View Set -3D etc.


3) Limit use of Paint or Texture on the top of existing Texture. So instead of a painter assign textures in Materials.


4) I literally have a 300M plan that renders on a computer with no Graphics card under 2 seconds, with countless textures and furniture.


5)  Make sure that your system drive is not full ( i.e.70% is not good), because the software allocates memory on a swap.


6) If you have the memory 24G create a memory drive I recommend free ImDrive (8Gb). 

Edit>Preferences> Folder>

Change Undo folder and temp folder to your memory drive. 


You will notice that the UNDO changes will go nearly instantaneous in this software. And if you use SSD it will greatly extend the life of it.


Hopefully this will help.

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Thanks.  Lots of valuable info.  I will check out your suggestions.


I'm also from Indiana.


I believe I have found my problem.  My plan has a ceiling mounted projector in it which was imported from a SketchUp model in .dae format.  It was a BenQ projector.  It had 40+ files attached to it.  When I did a ortho or camera view HD Pro could not find those files.  It search thru all 57,000 of my AppData files to find them; hence the 3-4 minute delay.  HD Pro opens a window which list the files it cannot find.  I deleted all of them.  Now,  the ortho or camera views are presented in less than 7 seconds.


Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.

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