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    Hi @Sailor139, Lol I am actually NE Indianapolis... Not sure what features PRO2018 has, but to speed up the performance: 0) Never place a .plan file or a .layout file into a download folder, documents folder, temp folder or something similar. The software will scan every single file in a folder you placed your plan for textures. So I would create like a folder C:\ChiefArchitect\ProjectXXX. And place your plan there, and the software will only scan C:\ChiefArchitect\ProjectXXX and not a folder with a ton of files. 1) 3D > materials> Plan materials Purge what you are not using, textures etc. 2) Sometimes "Camera View Set" layer picks up some bogus layers that you do not need to render in 3D. In ALDO turn off the layers you do not think are relevant in your camera view. Or create new layer sets: e.g. Camera View Set - Foundations, Camera View Set -3D etc. 3) Limit use of Paint or Texture on the top of existing Texture. So instead of a painter assign textures in Materials. 4) I literally have a 300M plan that renders on a computer with no Graphics card under 2 seconds, with countless textures and furniture. 5) Make sure that your system drive is not full ( i.e.70% is not good), because the software allocates memory on a swap. 6) If you have the memory 24G create a memory drive I recommend free ImDrive (8Gb). Edit>Preferences> Folder> Change Undo folder and temp folder to your memory drive. You will notice that the UNDO changes will go nearly instantaneous in this software. And if you use SSD it will greatly extend the life of it. Hopefully this will help.
  2. > Didn't go as it should have according to the instructions I printed off as I wasn't given the opportunity of excluding templates and sample plans from the installation. These are all in unchangeable American dimensions and are of no use to me and they just take up disc unnecessary space. Your old templates are under My Documents\Home Designer Architectural 2016\Templates... They are not unchangeable .. per say.. but changes from imperial to metrics would take a long time. I converted imperial plan to metrics and back before. >said and have now provided the facility to set the inset distance of doors like they do with windows. My guess is NO, this feature was requested on ChiefArchitect line forums number of times, never seen them interested ... > For some reason the start point of the measurement one copy had moved from the wall surface to a couple of pixels into the wall. Normally, in construction, dimensions are frame to frame not from the finished surface. So if you can dimensions adjust dimensions settings accordingly.
  3. Sorry, I was out.... These things are specific to UK, honestly I lived in Europe never seen one of these. I was under the impression that it is table top switch with outlets. I can fix it for you... What should be a default height from the finished floor? What should be a symbol for that? See below
  4. Enjoy Switches_Outlets.calibz
  5. The 64 bit executables and libraries are always larger, because of 64 bit byte alignment for CPU instructions and data during the software compile. It is a fact of life. And like Eric told you even tho it is the same CPU, comparing MAC deliverable size to Windows10 MSI [Microsoft Installer] wrapped into executable makes very little sense. I would not be comparing real executable sizes, but you are comparing the packaging. This is like comparing two gifts based on the size of gift boxes they were placed in. ChiefArchitect lines of software run very well on Mac and PCs, it is up to a consumer to decide the preference.
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    Export DXF

    DXF files are mesh only they contain no textures or UV coordinates.