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  1. Thanks @BrownTiger ! I see that the object you sent is treated as an electrical object, however it seems to behave more like a switch than an outlet (the attached picture shows the cursor changing to switch symbol when placing a new UK outlet and a UK outlet previously placed on the wall automatically at switch height). I also noticed that the symbol in the plan view seems to be reverse orientation from the built-in standard outlet (i.e. the lines on the symbol face the room instead of the wall). I tried making these tweaks myself, but do not see options to do this. Are you able to make these tweaks or tell me how to do it myself? Cheers!
  2. Thanks for quick feedback @LawB10. I'm only doing my own DIY renovation project, so can't justify/afford purchasing Premier version. Perhaps I could persuade CA to add a UK-style outlet to Core content library for HD Pro to make the product more appealing to UK market. I suppose I should raise a support case.
  3. I live in England (in the UK) and would like to change the appearance of the electrical outlet object when mounted on a wall to look like a UK style socket (here is an example: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=6da5bdf4afa840d37145387788e4fc89) I'm a new user and have been digging into the documentation/training and have found how I can import a 3D symbol, but using this approach the object behaves as a generic Fixture. What I would really like to do is change the appearance of the default outlet so that I get the benefits of using the built-in electrical tools (e.g. auto-place outlets). Is there a way to do this with standard HD functionality? Many thanks, Dan PS using Home Designer Pro 2017 on Mac