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I am building a shipping container home and I need to customise the floor and ceiling structures.  I cannot figure out where or if this can be done.  I also need to put in Concrete Pillar foundations (2 rows of 4 columns under each container).  Is there a way of doing this and negating the standard foundation setup?


These are my dimensions which include insulation, OSB and laminate flooring on the floor and then insulation and plasterboard on the ceiling (200mm void for ducting etc).  I have configured the walls already (well fooled them into the correct dimensions, I could not find a corrugated corton steel shell ;o) ). 


Thanks for your help so far and trust me I have watched quite a few of the videos trying to sort this one out.


Thanks Ian

Shipping Container.jpg

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I would add your roof/ceiling and floor structures manually using soffits or slabs or custom countertops.


Make the room Open Below and no roof.


Your columns need to be placed manually too.


Architectural doesn't have the control over structure that you need to do much automatically.

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That sounds like it could complicate things - took me a while to figure out the roof and second floor (vaulted ceilings) so if I start messing around with no roofs and no floors I might be making problems for myself.



Floor Plan.jpg

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43 minutes ago, Tripyrenees said:

the roof and second floor (vaulted ceilings)


You didn't show any of that above :)


I think you will still need to do some things manually. Only Pro lets you define floor structures, for example.

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I think I am getting there but a final question on foundations (using cylinders as concrete pillars)


I have deleted all foundations on level 0


I need to raise the house (level 1, 2, roof))  from the Terrain level by 500mm and then insert the cylinders as level 0 rising above the terrain by 500mm to meet level 1.  I do not really want to lower the terrain and associated terrain features if I can help it. 


Something like this which I have drawn in another program.


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Sorry for the constant questions but I am going around in circles.


I know how to put the house of piers - but is there anyway of inserting a floor 1 under the existing floor 1 i.e. pushing the other floors up one.  I have tried the exchange floor option and the cut and paste but it is just messing everything up.


Do I have to start from the beginning and redraw everything after setting floor 1 to be the foundation piers???

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OK, I have the floor sorted - added the 4th floor and then exchanged floors until it was correct.  Then built the piers on floor 1 and adjusted the heights etc.




But I seem to have been left with a white slab underneath like a shadow (its not a shadow) - adjusted and tried the floor structures but can't seem to get rid of it.  Any ideas as to what it is.


Here is the plan  - 

white slab.jpg

Floor Plan.plan


I just added a backdrop and it shows the white slab is actually a cutout window in the terrain - I have tried rebuild terrain but it does not do anything.

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More investigation
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if you click on the terrain, you will see it probably has "hide terrain intersected by building" checked. Uncheck that and it should go away. What you can then do is go to the 1st floor plan, go to the terrain drop box, find "terrain hole" and draw that to the outside of the framing in the walls. It's something that's been happening over the last few releases and frankly, it becomes annoying. Yet at least there is a simple work around. You'll see it with cantilevers, etc. too.

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