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  1. I have my house plan complete but have now decided to extend the house by 1 metre, basically making the centre of the house 1 metre wider. I have had a go at editing individual walls, foundations and then gave up when it came to the roof. Is there a method in changing the dimensions of the complete house or is it better to do a complete redraw. Thanks for your help Ian
  2. Yes but it does not give a good enough impression for the drawings - I used the reference display to trace on a CAD roof for the plan drawing, I will add dimensions etc later.
  3. OK - so there is no option for this, no problem although it seems a bit daft not to have a full 2D plan as a view. I will put on a CAD roof on level 1 and go from there. thanks (saves me searching for the obvious)
  4. I want to show everything, so terrain, elevation lines, boundaries, roof, separate garage etc. Here is the 3D view from above but I would like it as a 2D plan so I can show position dimensions, add labels, extra info like materials, colours for the planners etc.
  5. I am trying to find the view which show a final overall view of the site including house, terrain, trees, plants etc on a 2D plan. Basically so i can show the dimensions of the house in relation to the plot boundary, roads etc. At the moment I can only view the 1st Floor which shows terrain info plus foundations and 2nd Floor is blank other than the floor plan. Thanks Ian
  6. Thanks David - it is always the simplest of things that take the most time - all fixed in 2 seconds.
  7. This is what I get when using room dividers...... any ideas how to solve this one.
  8. Yes I had seen that one but it still does not help as it creates a 2nd floor which really messes things up. I also watched the roofing webinar and searched everywhere all day before posting for help. I will struggle on, thanks for the pointers.
  9. This is sort of what I need - I followed the roof webinars but it is difficult to search for various articles if you do not know the key words. Give us a clue on where to find this article.... thank you
  10. But it does not give a straight wall in side - the attic space shows up.
  11. Hi I have had to change the design of my roof due to planning regulations and I am going to put forward a Clear Story Roof like the image below. But I am having issues internally as I only want the vaulted ceiling down the central section (3 metres wide). The outer sections I want to stay with the flat ceiling. I have tried various work arounds such as using room dividers which nearly worked but as soon as I use the anti walls as "Roof Cuts Wall at Bottom" there is a nasty gap above the flat ceiling and the clear story roof attic. Is there a way of selecting just the centre section to use the vaulted section of the Clear Story Roof, the side sections to have a flat ceiling and all the internal walls to join up vertically. Something like selecting the attic space as a room and using the "open below" as an option. (I tried uploading the file of the plan but it was more than the allowed size)
  12. Got it...... I had another terrain feature covering it up and once I had sorted out the method I just used Stretch to Fit and voila.... Thanks for the help.
  13. I have imported as a material and can select this as an option but it is not showing when I choose this for say a parking lot or similar. The imported image shows in the 2D plan but when switched to camera view the material or the plain image does not show up where the parking lot is. I understand I should use the image as a material and apply that to the object but I must be missing a click button or have completely misunderstood. Thanks for the help (just upgraded from Architect to Pro so still getting to grips with it) Plot Elevations with access.plan
  14. Hi I am trying to create an image using the BUILD - Create Image tool. I have created an EV Parking place PNG image and want it show as a flat image like the parking lot terrain feature. But when creating the image using the Build - Create Image tool, it stands it up as a vertical image (like a tree or similar). Is there a way of creating a "plan" image that would then show up in the 3D camera views. Thanks Ian
  15. The technical illustration looks more like a traditional elevation drawing than the standard elevation - I assumed it was just a different rendering and the drawing stayed the same, but it seems it converts to an image which is unusable. I have sorted it now by exporting to another program to give the finishing touches for submission to the planning office. Just a shame it can't all be done in Home Designer Architect.