Brick Window Sill?


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On 7/27/2020 at 2:59 PM, davidstvz said:

Can HD Pro automatically generate an angled exterior brick window sill?

No, not really just as jlliles87 indicated above. In Chief Premier one easily can do this and many, many other choices but it also costs a lot more than Home Designer software does.



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3 hours ago, jlliles87 said:

Only way I know of is using the in the sill area of the window specification and use one of the course brick options in the core catalog. I don't think you can specify the angle or anything though. I just gives you the general appearance of a sill

Yes, the problem is there sadly aren’t any molding profiles with the size and shape of a brick ledge, so all you can do in HD Pro is disable the exterior sill and manually create a ledge with soffit, closed geometric shape or custom counter or backsplash tool.

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