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If you want the floors of the one story home and attached garage to be the same, how do you set the structure dimensions....does that make sense?

i designed an attached garage to also house a workshop area and so, i want a continuous flow from interior to garage but if i do the camera view on the outside, the garage is off kilter to the house itself....

hope someone gets my weird question and can help!  

have a good weekend

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well, do i embarrass myself and show the plan or just call the garage a room and deduct the square footage.....i guess it depends on how my self-esteem is today....

I have just recreated the floor plan from scratch, rather than using the tools-rooms and going from the walls inward so i will see if that is better to post to illustrate the confusion.  having

may i ask, mr potter, a question for a reality build....are most garages, even when they house laundry areas and workshops, generally actually built at different levels normally...or do some homes have the same floor levels between the kitchen and exiting to the garage.  I admit, my though process is that I trip....literally...on the step of our home s i exit the kitchen but it is a 150 year old terraced home in the uk an I am from florida and was always an apartment renter so I can not use past experience to do what a builder accepts as fairly normal.

thanks for any input....i will upload the from scratch drawing if i figure out what exactly I should, image wise


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