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  1. ,,,,attached is a picture of the flower bed that is a terrain feature specification. could someone tell me how to take a terrain feature, such as a kidney shape, and how to add all the points that allow you to manipulate the feature to make that bed?
  2. floridauk


    Ahhhhhhh...thanks so much....
  3. floridauk


    Hi Please tell me what the symbol is next to my cursor arrow and how to get rid of it...it is driving me nuts!!
  4. Well, we did contact tech support but it is not a possibility but thanks for your thoughts....my husband is a programmer and thought over your input.....good luck....my husband is an inventor in many ways so he respects your efforts.
  5. floridauk

    VR Compatibility

    Hello again Hubby is into the world of VR. Goal: take my home design, export it in a 3D file format for VR. Details....I have Suite 2021...if we upgrade to Architect, would there be the file format of FBX or STL/OBJ, which he is able convert to FBX....and if upgrading to architectural doesn't do it alone, would upgrading to Architect [or using current Suite 2021] provide the path for you to recommend an add on program you know is reliable that would enable him to import my designs into his VR world....? thanks again for any help
  6. i am back.....hopefully, easy....when you go to the 3D image to use the painter, in the dollhouse view, obviously, no ceiling....is there a way to do all the ceilings at once with the 3D painter or, as i am doing now, you just go room to room......and, BTW, don't blame the brits for weirdness....i am a florida oldh ippie....65... married to a much more sensible brit and living near london....and far, far away from the current prez, thanks....have a good weekend
  7. floridauk


    i did know that but no, walls all closed, everything the same....i will just keep re-pasting them in a new plan....it is still happening and i still am lost in space as to why but life istoo short to fret!!! thanks, everyone
  8. floridauk


    Hmmmm...well, didn't delete it....all i did was push out an exterior wall to add square footage. If i undo it, the ttl sf reappears....it is weird...
  9. floridauk


    Sometimes when i move a wall to increase or decrease the room size. the total square footage that displays at the bottom of the floor plan just disappears.....i have been creating a new plan and copying the original one over but it would be a lot easier of i could bring the sf display back....can anyone tell me why it disappears when i move a wall and how to re-display it? thanks
  10. thanks for the input...it is appreciated
  11. here is what i attempted t do...you are a professional, i am not so i am sure you will think me an idiot but i put the structural info from the house side by side with the garage numbers and tried to change in my drawing....seems not to be the right way to go HOUSEGARAGE.docx
  12. well, do i embarrass myself and show the plan or just call the garage a room and deduct the square footage.....i guess it depends on how my self-esteem is today.... I have just recreated the floor plan from scratch, rather than using the tools-rooms and going from the walls inward so i will see if that is better to post to illustrate the confusion. having may i ask, mr potter, a question for a reality build....are most garages, even when they house laundry areas and workshops, generally actually built at different levels normally...or do some homes have the same floor levels between
  13. If you want the floors of the one story home and attached garage to be the same, how do you set the structure dimensions....does that make sense? i designed an attached garage to also house a workshop area and so, i want a continuous flow from interior to garage but if i do the camera view on the outside, the garage is off kilter to the house itself.... hope someone gets my weird question and can help! have a good weekend
  14. floridauk

    2021 update

    should the folder with the program show up as 2021 or will it remain 2020 after i upgraded?
  15. floridauk

    changing fabrics

    was curious if anyone knows why certain pieces of furniture will accept the fabric i add to user library and some wont....this specific would be the Haupt corner sofa....it changes solid colors based on the printed fabric but wont incorporate the print itself....and i wondered does it have to do with the fact it is a multi-seating sofa vs a chair? i was actually impressed i didn't give up....i thought the issue was with all my user library jpg and gif fabric swatches and almost deleted them all.....and it only took me 3 days to figure out that is good for me, by the way! have a goo