Lines that I did not daw must have a storey

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There are lines in my practice plan I did not draw and when I click to open to explore there storey they do not have an open function.

So where do you think they came from and why are they there.


 Many Thanks everyone Robynpost-620-0-45014400-1418675461_thumb.png

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Robin, As a matter of Engineering, roof baselines are the transfer points of the dynamic and dead loads borne by walls. If they are properly located, then roof symetry is easy to effect but if they are careslessly placed all sorts of unwanted problems then ensue with roof geometry.


Here is a You Tube Tutorial by a friend of mine about roofs you may also enjoy:       and



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David thank you so very much for the videos links. I will watch them tonight..  Yes I thought I may have not drawn a wall or something the way the program intends from from Kats comment. Thanks Kat.


You will be pleased to know I am starting to enjoy the software. You told me many moons ago to let my engineer worry about the footings and since drawing all my practice plans on a slab it has all made much more sense thus the enjoyment of using the program has started to kick in.

Many Thanks and Merry Christmas.


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