V-Shaped Roofs

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Hello all,


I have Home Essentials the latest version.


I am trying to work on a V-shaped roof for my small cottage. It is 18' x 24'.


I have viewed the tutorial on how to do shed roofs that abut, but I am trying to do two shed roofs that form a V.


I got it to work. . .only because I put in double interior walls. Weird things happen when I try to eliminate one of the double walls.


I'm posting pics of the floor plan and the exterior. The exterior looks like I want it, except for the gutters intersecting weirdly.


I have the roof settings set for full gable and shed roofs. I just don't know how to do want I want with only one interior wall.


Thank you for any help.









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Don't eliminate the interior walls , just make them ( or one) invisible , looking at the tutorial on Clerestory Roofs may help with this as that technique is used there if I remember correctly.




not sure if it is possible in Essentials but can you turn the Gutter off ? and reduce the eave overhang on the two interior walls to 1-2" depending on fascia thickness

( you can this in Pro ) 



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I think what you are seeing is the intersection of the 2 eave overhangs.  Spread the 2 interior walls apart.

Break the gable roof at each interior wall (on each side) , then open the 'middle' room spec box and remove the roof.

Reduce the eave overhang (build roof icon spec box) to 2".  Zoom in the 2d plan and start moving the walls back together until the 2 dashed overhang roof lines merge.  Zoom in a 3d view and see if this looks better.

Turn off auto build roof and then delete the interior walls. You can now build a solid interior wall to cover the ugly roof intersection at the ceiling level.


If you need large exterior overhangs, you will need to build invisible exterior walls to create that effect,  just as you did for your prior cottage project.

You will need to do this before you turn off auto build roof !

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Hi if this is a shed you are going to build it will need valley flashings and a valley gutter. Then you will need two downpipes n two drainage points unless your are on sandy soil. For a small shed it could be a bit expensive. But if doing it to just practice different design skills I am very interested. Good luck.

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