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  1. I have put the stuff, that you two have shown, on walls and it doesn't look like shiplap to me. Interior shiplap panelling. This is how I've seen shiplap look: This is how the shiplap in the program looks: The Tongue and Groove looks more like "shiplap" but it's all mottled. I guess I'll have to make due. Thanks.
  2. (Home Designer Pro) Are there shiplap boards that can be imported into the Library? There seems to be one kind, but it's very very wide and not like the thinner interior shiplap I see elsewhere. Thank you.
  3. In the standard Library, under Materials, Fabric and Wallcoverings, Screen, you'll find screen. You can also access it by simply typing in screen into the library search. Hope this helps.
  4. Merry Christmas to you! Thank you!
  5. photogcyn

    bow front window

    I go to the drop-down list for Windows and select Bow Front. However, I can't see how to change the "window" from Double Hung to Fixed Glass. Unless, it would be in the Components portion and I did try to change the Description from Double Hung to Fixed Glass, to no avail. I would like a window that looks like the one attached. I have Home Designer Pro 2017. Thank you.
  6. I now have a "signature!" Thanks!
  7. Hello, I have Home Designer Pro 2017. I would like to put a ramp beside my houseplan's side porch. I would like it to start at the southeastern corner, where the main steps up to the deck begin, and then have the ramp make a U curve to continue to wind up to the porch's door, which is in the middle of the porch, the door. Can I do that with my program? I've tried and tried different ways and manners with no success. Thank you for any help.
  8. photogcyn


    Eric, I did create a ramp this time that seems to work, but not sure how to do the railings. Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. photogcyn


    Thanks, Eric. I don't have a ramp under the stair icon, just stairs and a landing. I DO have a wedge and have used it before but it looks weird. I am trying to model an entrance ramp in the place of stairs to our deck. I can try the wedge again, but can I then add railings?
  10. photogcyn


    I have home essentials 2015; can I make ramps? I haven't figured it out, yet. Any hints? Ideas?
  11. photogcyn

    V-Shaped Roofs

    Thank you, Kbird1. So totally forgot about making the wall invisible. I don't think in essentials I can turn off gutter, but will look. Thank you for taking the time to help!
  12. photogcyn

    V-Shaped Roofs

    Hello all, I have Home Essentials the latest version. I am trying to work on a V-shaped roof for my small cottage. It is 18' x 24'. I have viewed the tutorial on how to do shed roofs that abut, but I am trying to do two shed roofs that form a V. I got it to work. . .only because I put in double interior walls. Weird things happen when I try to eliminate one of the double walls. I'm posting pics of the floor plan and the exterior. The exterior looks like I want it, except for the gutters intersecting weirdly. I have the roof settings set for full gable and shed roofs. I