SketchUp-How to place SKP lamp onto HD table top


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Can I model an item like a table lamp in SU, then import it to HD 2020 and place it directly onto a table top?


I have no issue importing (drag/drop) SKP, but it seems to only place it onto the floor in HD. I can manipulate the lamp and get it on the table but it seems awkward. I was hoping I'm overlooking some simple parameter.


If I save the SU item to my User Catalog it still only get placed on the floor.


In a similar way, can I model items in SU, and have them directly attached to a wall? Like wall mirrors from the Wayfair catalog.

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Chief has the ability to create and modify symbols.


Note the Special Placement options.




You can create something in another program like SketchUp, import into Chief, then convert to a native symbol setting these options.

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