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  1. Qballky

    Elevated platform on basement slab

    This is not exact, but close enough. 1) Create Section 1, then 2, 2) click for landing. 3) Delete section 1, 4) turn off railings on landing. 5) adjust landing size Thanks all for your advice.
  2. Qballky

    Elevated platform on basement slab

    I have a 48x48x 6 high poured concrete "platform" in my basement. This serves as a landing for the stairs. What is the best way in Suite to model this?
  3. Qballky

    Half wall in Essential

    Is is possible to make a half wall in Essential 2019? I want to model a glass shower enclosure. About 82in high, 1/2 thick, 2 sides (walls) the other sides are outside walls.
  4. Qballky

    SketchUp-How to place SKP lamp onto HD table top

    Eric, Thanks.
  5. Qballky

    SketchUp-How to place SKP lamp onto HD table top

    Thanks solver, Are there any products in the CA lineup where these things are possible? What is required to build a catalog like Wayfair's where these things do work?
  6. Qballky

    SketchUp-How to place SKP lamp onto HD table top

    That works for one table height, but not in a general sense if placing the lamp on items of different heights. Also is there a way to have SKP item placed directly on a wall?
  7. Can I model an item like a table lamp in SU, then import it to HD 2020 and place it directly onto a table top? I have no issue importing (drag/drop) SKP, but it seems to only place it onto the floor in HD. I can manipulate the lamp and get it on the table but it seems awkward. I was hoping I'm overlooking some simple parameter. If I save the SU item to my User Catalog it still only get placed on the floor. In a similar way, can I model items in SU, and have them directly attached to a wall? Like wall mirrors from the Wayfair catalog.