New Dormer Positioned Too Close To Another Dormer

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Hi All,


I keep receiving this warning message "New Dormer Positioned Too Close To Another Dormer" even though I have no dormers in my plan.  I was playing with dormers on this plan but have since deleted and rebuilt roofs.  How can I fix this issue?  I have included my plan.  Thank you.


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I opened your plan (thanks for sharing it), in Chief Architect X12 and got the same error message. I tried several things to find the source or just make it stop and was unsuccessful in those efforts.


You can:


1. Start over with a new plan, in terms of the error message I consider your plan file corrupt (this often happens while learning the software and too much guessing is done or in this case, you did something the creators did not forsee anyone doing).


2. Or when you next see the "Dormer error message" place a checkmark in that error message dialog to "Do not show this message again during this session". Then you should not see the message again until you reopen the plan for another session.


3. Send a copy to Chief Architect Tech Support so they can find out exactly what you did to cause this problem and communicate any possible solution back to you.



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I found a solution - the idea of starting of scratch was not appealing.


On Floor 3, I manually deleted the north wall and north roof plane on the middle building.  Put a new wall back, rebuilt the roof and the warning did not return.  I picked this wall and roof plane because this was the location of the deleted dormer.

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