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  1. I came back to say my fix actually did not work. I had rebuild roof turned off. Thank you Eric, your suggestion fixed my issue.
  2. I found a solution - the idea of starting of scratch was not appealing. On Floor 3, I manually deleted the north wall and north roof plane on the middle building. Put a new wall back, rebuilt the roof and the warning did not return. I picked this wall and roof plane because this was the location of the deleted dormer.
  3. Thank you David. I will send the plan to support.
  4. I checked all levels on all buildings before posting. Any other ideas?
  5. Hi All, I keep receiving this warning message "New Dormer Positioned Too Close To Another Dormer" even though I have no dormers in my plan. I was playing with dormers on this plan but have since deleted and rebuilt roofs. How can I fix this issue? I have included my plan. Thank you. Lot.plan
  6. To be honest I tried and failed terribly. The roof tools and my brain don't mesh.
  7. The image is different from the plan. The image is what I'm attempting to accomplish, in the plan I have to bump out the center part of the horizontal exterior walls and then the roof is a perfect four sided gambrel. The problem happens when I try to remove the bump out in the walls to represent the actual building that has no bump outs. I'm guessing it might be possible by adding some interior walls and make them invisible, but I can't figure out a work-around. I agree with you, this is not handled well in HD Pro, and it should be very easy. I hope for roof updates in future releases.
  8. Eric - I am not describing a mansard roof. I'm describing a gambrel roof on all four sides of the building. If you disagree, please look at the image and plan I attached. I think you'll agree after you review again.
  9. I’m trying to create a four sided gambrel roof without manually editing any roof planes. It works when the building is shaped like a ‘cross’ but fails when the building shape is a ‘rectangle’. I suspect I need to do something additional with invisible walls. I researched to death and watched videos but I can’t figure out the next steps. I tried dormers but I can’t get the dormer peak to meet the gambrel upper peak. I’ve included the plan. Ang suggestions? Four Sided Gambrel.plan
  10. Can you include the plan you created for the image? I'd like to see how your setting are set. Thank you.
  11. @Erik - Your response is more interested in policing the "signature" then actually helping someone. I read the guidelines before posting and find nothing in error in the original post Thank you for your help.
  12. I'd like to create a gambrel roof on all four sides of the building and the peaks meet at the upper pitch. I'm able to create the correct gambrel on the left/right wall sides. I used a dormer to create the gambrel roof on the upper/lower walls but I can get the peaks to meet at the upper pitch. Thank you. Home Designer Pro 2018 Win 10 Michael Gambrel Test.plan
  13. The very first line of my post states "Home Designer Pro 2017" If you examine the 3d pic I included in my post you will see the wall thickness on the exterior wall is not finished along the stairs top and side of wall. How do I get the exposed stud on the side and top to appear finished with drywall? Michael
  14. Home Designer Pro 2017 I’m struggling to find a solution to the following 3D view issue. The plan has a day light basement with an exterior block wall with an interior stud wall. In the stairwell where the basement wall and the first floor wall meet the wall thickness is different. Any Suggestions on how to resolve would be appreciated. I have included the plan. Test Plan.plan
  15. Thank you, based on your reply I was able to solve my issue.
  16. Hi, I am using Home Designer Pro 2015 (Win 7) and have struggled with creating a gable roof plan with a semi flat roof plane on the opposite side. The closest I can find is a saltbox example, but I want the ridge line to stay centered and raise the gable on one side to give a semi flat roof line. Michael