Window bump has problem with egress well

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I drew a foundation for a basement that will be living space.  Hence, a few egress wells for fire safety.  Those were in place and looking good.  Then we decided as part of our kitchen remodel we would add a slight bump out to the main window in the dining area.  This happens to be over one of the egress wells in the basement.


When I added the window bump, the egress well walls automatically rose to the level of the floor of the bump out.  The 2 separate items are now somehow connected and whatever I do seems to negate their separation.  When I initially added the bump out the opposing walls of the egress well rose through the bump to meet the roof of the bump out.


If I change the floor and ceiling of the egress well, it drags the bump out floor down into the foundation level.  If I move the floor or ceiling of the bump out, the egress well moves up to become one with the bump out. 


Can I separate these 2 items?


pic 1 is the egress wells as originally drawn.  This is how I want the well in pic 2 to appear and build.  Pic 2 is the offending party.



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  • Solution

Use a half-wall  (railing wall)  instead of a foundation wall.

Make this wall the thickness and texture of a foundation wall.

Open the room spec of this 'room'  to alter it's elevation.

Open each wall spec to change it's height.

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Have you tried selecting the egress well wall and dragging it down?


Also suggest providing your software title -- Suite, Pro etc, as they often have different capabilities.


Or just do it the easy way as Jo Ann suggest.

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Thanks for your guidance.  I used the Jo Ann technique.  I had to get back here and read carefully.  Each wall must be selected individually and the rail height adjusted.  That lengthens the half walls.


Just for good measure I will try dragging the wall down as well.



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