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I am repeatedly having to reset my floor defaults.  They will hold for an hour or two and then mysteriously either change or, more frustratingly, be correct in the Defaults dialog box but not in the individual room dialogue boxes.  I have tried everything I can think of to keep the defaults - saving after every change, closing and restarting the program, taking Solver's advice to reset all Floor and Ceiling Heights to the Defaults that I found in another thread, and shutting down and restarting my computer.  All to no avail.  As an example of what I am contending with:


These are the 1st Floor defaults as I have them set right now...




...but when I go to a room on the 1st floor, in this case the great room, fields are showing as Defaults but are different from the 1ft Floor Defaults I have just set.


This is making me crazy.  It was all looking good last night but I just opened the file today and it's all wonky again.  What the heck?  I should probably point out that I was having issues with materials not staying the same in HD Pro 2019.  Any advice is welcome.  There are no children in the house messing with it, this happens even when the cat is sleeping and no where near the computer.  In fact, this is happening immediately after resetting all of the Floor Defaults.  Also, why can't I preview my post?  That option is not next to Submit Topic anymore?



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Not knowing anything about the project, I'm going to suggest the foundation is a problem.




You have all kinds of heights and materials mixed together. Start by fixing this, and strive to leave Auto Rebuild Foundation on.


Also work towards having everything use default values. I know this may not always be possible, but it's a good general goal.


And a friendly suggestion. Always start by getting the structure correct. Decoration -- windows, doors, furniture, colors etc are easily added in step 2. 

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Thanks for taking the time to look at the plan and for the advice. 


I'm not understanding what you mean by "heights and materials mixed together".  I'm trying to keep all the room heights the same across floors except for the attic level.  Are you talking about something else?  (The only thing I can think of is that the wall thicknesses are different between floors.  The differing wall thicknesses are the recommendation by our foundation company as they will provide a ledge to set the floor trusses on.)  I will revisit the foundation and keep Auto Rebuild Foundation on.


I'm also not certain what you mean by "work towards having everything use default values".  I thought I had everything set to defaults.  I think I am missing something important!


This is a plan that we've been working on for almost 3 years.  It has undergone a lot of changes but this is the first time I've had such issues with the structural defaults being set, and showing as set in the defaults dialogue box, but the individual rooms showing different "default" values.  I think today is going to be devoted to starting with a fresh, new, stripped-down plan.  Hopefully, that will fix things.


Again, thanks for the quick reply and advice.  Happy New Year!

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6 minutes ago, bluesparrowllc said:

I'm not understanding what you mean by "heights and materials mixed together".


Did you see the image I included above showing your foundation? It clearly shows the different levels and how there is wood framing at that level.


8 minutes ago, bluesparrowllc said:

I think today is going to be devoted to starting with a fresh, new, stripped-down plan.


I might start with a blank plan as the software will often "remember" things that are best forgotten.


Set your defaults, copy the walls then Paste/Hold Position into a new plan.

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Keep in mind, what can be done in the real world, can or cannot be done with software.


The walls on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors need to be the same thickness and same type, you can change the material later.

If not, you will have wall alignment problems, the foundation walls are 17 1/2" 1st floor 13 1/2", 2nd floor 9 3/4"  and the 3rd floor 6"

those walls should be the same thickness.


For the 1st floor default, the floor absolute elevation should be 0 you have it at -1 1/2. Uncheck " floor supplied by foundation room" and

check "floor under this room".


The defaults for the foundation are Walls with footings and a height of 37 1/2" which should make the ceiling height 30 or so inches.

It's ceiling height is 2 1/2", for that to be a finished basement, the ceiling height will have to be higher.


Turn auto rebuild roofs on, uncheck "ignore the 3rd floor" and set the ceiling height to 48" and on the 2nd floor set it between 48 and 84 "

Once the roof is how you want to be, turn off auto rebuild roofs and reset the the ceiling heights to their defaults.


The rooms on the 1st and 2nd floor that are open below, the whole room don't have to be open below, once you build the stairs

and click the auto stairwell tool, it will create a room that's open below, you can use the space that's left over for something else.



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