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You will have to start from scratch,and build the plan correctly.


You have the foundation default, set to walls with footings, yet all the rooms had monolithic slab checked.

Do not check that, check floor under this room, the software builds one type of foundation.

The first floor ceiling heights were not the same, set them to the default height you want and lower the family room floor only.

There were unneeded walls, move the stairs wall back to the 2nd step, it hides it, uncheck  " No room definition" for the Guest

room, use interior walls for the interior and exterior walls for the exterior, the entry room has a invisible wall ???.

Do not use "Extend the slope downward" that is for rooms that bump out.

Make sure your walls are aligned. Turn on auto rebuild roofs, let the software do the work for you.


On the 2nd floor set default ceiling heights and then lower them to 84".

Leave the floor/ceiling structures alone, unless it calls for a change, changing them affects the ceiling and how the roof is



The question I have is what is the roof suppose look like.....


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