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    Thru Wall Vent

    I haven't been able to find a symbol for a thru-wall vent in the catalogs. I'm looking for a dryer vent, an intake and exhaust vent for a heat pump water heater and a vent for a range. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Thank you Eric. That sounds like a good method. I will try that too!
  3. Eric, I don't know if I currently have an example. I find myself using "Ctrl" + Mouse all of the time though, to more precisely move things like arrows or text boxes; sometimes siding rendering that doesn't line up correctly in "Vector View" on a camera view, among other things. Keith, I think your solution will be helpful in some of the situations. Thank you!
  4. Using the keyboard, is there a way to nudge an object at it's smallest increment without using a mouse? In many programs this can be done by holding down "Ctrl" while using the arrow keys. I'm looking for a tiny nudge, not the standard keyboard arrow nudge. Thanks!
  5. somefun

    Missing Wall

    Thanks Eric. I will look into that!
  6. somefun

    Missing Wall

    Not sure how to fill the void created by different roof slopes. Please see attached pictures and plan. Thank you! Curisa.plan