Gable over front door on porch


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I am using Home Designer Suite 2019.  As you can see from the image, I am designing a home that is 3 side-by-side rectangular structures (Single Story Garage, 1.5 Story Living Space, Single Story Living Space).  The center structure creates a porch  using a cantilever approach to it's roof.  The pitch of all the roofs are 8-in-12 except for the dormers (one in front and one that can't be seen in the image in the back).  Using the dormer tool, I set the pitch of the dormer roofs to 4-in-12.  I would like to have the gable roof on the porch that is positioned over the front door to have a 4-in-12 pitch (to match the dormer pitch instead of the house pitch).  Is this possible with Home Designer Suite (given it's lack of manual roofs)?  If so, how?

Many thanks in advance to anyone that can help!


1.5 Stories v2.5.plan

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Undo the existing gable.


Draw a room where you want the gable using a Room Divider.




Set the new pitch on the 2 outside walls. Move the front wall back very close to the front wall of the existing structure.




You may want to make that small room Open Below or change other settings to clean things up.


As a builder, I'd prefer a small flat spot at the corner instead of a point.



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