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Hello.  I'm working on a drawing with a walk out basement, but the walk-out comes out onto a patio that is sunken and then there's a step up to go out of the patio to ground level.  I've created terrain perimeter, and retaining walls, and a slab, but I'm having issue with the terrain still continuing into the sunken patio area.  Any suggestions on how to make this work in the 3D view? I have deleted and redrawn the retaining walls multiple times and rebuild terrain and it always come out this way.





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If you have Architectural or Home Designer Pro you can select a tool under the Terrain array of tools called "Terrain Hole" and draw it around the interior edges where you do not wish to have terrain present and it will do what it says it will do "create a hole in the terrain. I do not currently have Suite or Interiors so I cannot say for sure that those titles have that particular tool.



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I would get rid of the terrain walls.
Instead, (on level  0) draw 3 solid half-walls, forming a "room" extending off the foundation wall.
Open each half-wall and set it's thickness to match the foundation walls.  Choose your railing height and then set your wall material.
Open the room dbx and set it's room type as a slab (make sure roof / ceiling over this room is not selected).
I would also set it's floor C to be about 4" lower than the door in the foundation wall.  Add a doorway where the steps will be.

Back on level 1, (assuming that is where your terrain perimeter is), draw a terrain hole over the "room"  (terrain>feature>terrain hole).

Back on level 0:  draw a stair landing, and drag it into the doorway  (make it look like a slab).  You need this landing so that the stairs will snap to it.  Add the stairs.



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Thank you for the suggestions. I will try the hole. It’s the one thing I haven’t tried. And hadn’t thought of it. Thanks! I have redrawn the walls as railings and adjusted the materials to manipulate it to look the way I want and even with the walls as a room(no roof) the terrain pops up. But I will try the hole. I’m guessing that’s the ticket. 

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