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  1. I'm working on a exterior deck with stair to lower patio. I've drawn them in the Basement ( "0" level) and they go up to deck. But in the plan view they do not show on 1st floor plan. How can i make them show on plan view for printing? When i print floor plan i'm only going to have one sheet and it will be level 1
  2. Can I assign a certain layer to specific text? I'm working up a lighting plan and would like to turn off the text for those specific notes when I turn off the layer. Is that possible?
  3. THANKS everyone that worked!! never knew there was a terrain hole, and still cant understand why it wanted to put it there anyway.
  4. Thank you for the suggestions. I will try the hole. It’s the one thing I haven’t tried. And hadn’t thought of it. Thanks! I have redrawn the walls as railings and adjusted the materials to manipulate it to look the way I want and even with the walls as a room(no roof) the terrain pops up. But I will try the hole. I’m guessing that’s the ticket.
  5. Hello. I'm working on a drawing with a walk out basement, but the walk-out comes out onto a patio that is sunken and then there's a step up to go out of the patio to ground level. I've created terrain perimeter, and retaining walls, and a slab, but I'm having issue with the terrain still continuing into the sunken patio area. Any suggestions on how to make this work in the 3D view? I have deleted and redrawn the retaining walls multiple times and rebuild terrain and it always come out this way. HARMS SCREEN SHOT.pdf