Gates in fences

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I am using Home Designer 2020.  This is on the start up screen. Build: 2: I don't know what this means, but I include it in case it is important. My operating system is Windows 10,

I built a fence and I am unable to insert a gate.  I have no trouble inserting gates into walls, but no luck with fences. I just can't figure it out.  Before anyone tells me to read Help, The User's Guide, or The Reference Manual, I will tell you that I have read every word of all three of them. This has to be operator error. I must be doing or have done something stupid.  If anyone knows what it is, please let me know.

Thank you



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2 hours ago, DavidJPotter said:

No matter what you have the procedure is and has always been to insert a "Door", open its dialog box, and then using the "Type" dropdown select a gate from the Library Browser.


Selecting a gate from the library and clicking on the fence to place it works for me. No need to first insert a door.

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