Creating a shed style roof

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I'm thinking this should be very easy but I am struggling as to how to do this. The home that I am modeling is a converted two flat in Chicago. The roof is a completely flat roof that is pitched slightly down to the back of the house.  I cannot figure out how to get the software to do this.  Here is what things look like so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 1.02.05 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 1.01.13 PM.png

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Set your build Roof dialog "Pitch" setting to 1/16 in 12 to establish the pitch. The software is pre-programmed to assume multiple roof planes slanting in from the exterior walls inward. Where that is not the case, apparently in your case, the accurate emulation of your roof seems to require a completely manually drawn roof system. You might be able to get by by just setting the build roof pitch setting as above and then observe the results.



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Your best option is to manually draw the roof plane, and it will look better too.

Start at the back of the house with a plane, then drag/extend the plane to the front of the house.
Grab the break line tool (keyboard #3) and start putting break points on the plane, so that you can shape the roof to the house.  Remember, the roof HAS to slightly overhang the exterior wall finish!
When you're done shaping, open the plane and set the desired pitch.

Remember to check that "auto-rebuild attic walls" is working (attic walls in the pic are set to pink, for better visual).



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