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  1. How can I create these shelves without the sides?
  2. As I create my walkthrough I would like to make some changes well into the walkthrough and then start a new test render from a specific key frame going forward to see if I like the changes. Is this possible?
  3. Yes. I figured it out. The record is not highlighted from the top menu. However the bottom icons did have a record walkthrough that was highlighted. So that worked. The top icons highlight the record button when a single camera is selected. I guess that would record me moving that camera, panning, etc.
  4. I have created a simple walkthrough path but for some reason the "Record Walkthrough" is not highlighted, only the "Play". Not sure what I have done to prevent recording.
  5. thanks @Jo_Ann I'll give that a try. If I succeed then my next challenge will be creating parapet walls. :-). ugggg
  6. Thanks David. I'll give that a try.
  7. I'm thinking this should be very easy but I am struggling as to how to do this. The home that I am modeling is a converted two flat in Chicago. The roof is a completely flat roof that is pitched slightly down to the back of the house. I cannot figure out how to get the software to do this. Here is what things look like so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. iitgrad

    Terrain View

    ah, I see, I did my terrain on level 0, not 1 which is why the menus were not enabled.
  9. iitgrad

    Terrain View

    How do I get back to my Terrain view to add sidewalks, etc. I have already done the "Terrain -> Create Terrain Perimeter" but I don't see a way to get back to it, to edit it, add, etc. And all my submenus under Terrain are grayed out and not selectable?
  10. Ha, runner width was 0. All fixed. :-)
  11. How can I get this to show. I have stairs and I have set the carpet runner materials to a carpet color and texture. But nothing shows on the staircase. Using Home Designer Pro 2020
  12. iitgrad

    Garage roof issue

    Thanks everyone for your help
  13. iitgrad

    Garage roof issue

    Ah, that check box did it. I guess if I extend the roof slightly over the side walls, they won't extend to the full height of the 2nd floor of home?
  14. iitgrad

    Garage roof issue

    Both appear to be on for me
  15. iitgrad

    Garage roof issue

    ah, I'll check out both of those items