Protrusions in structures

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Hello all.


Setting aside the question of why someone would do a thing like this, I have a question related to walls, and how they relate to roof heights on a structure.


I have attached a simple plan and an image that demonstrates the problem. The walls of the interior (taller) structure paint to the ceiling of the larger structure, not that of the interior structure to which they belong.


I suspect the answer is simple, but it is evading me.  Thanks for any tips!




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I agree with Eric above, what, more succinctly stated, is your question? I downloaded your plan file and looked it over. What I noticed is that the auto-roof generator was building the roof plane edges too close to the intended taller walls, thus cutting them off from their intended height. To get what I think you wish you would have to do this manually seems on the surface to be simple but is actually rather complex.



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The walls on the taller (inner) structure do not paint to its ceiling. How can I make them do that?


By "paint", I mean the walls of the circular structure are not drawn correctly. They are truncated at the lower ceiling, not the upper ceiling (or roof line, if you wish) to which they belong.


Edit - added drawing

In the cross-section image below, I have drawn a red line to indicate the expected wall height of the inner structure "should" be. The orange indicates where there walls are being truncated.  Bizarrely, on the left of the picture, you can see a small column portion of the wall is actually drawn in.  There are actually two of those little columns of wall, which together encompass maybe 2 or 3 degrees of the inner wall.


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And as I'm sure you have discovered, the software does not do round rooms well at all.


Chief has a handy tool to cut openings in a roof, but it only works for square/rectangular holes.

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Thank you both for your responses!


Eric, not sure how long it would have taken for me to realize that the roof was the culprit, thank you for pointing it out. I agree that the software could handle curved walls better, if such improvement is even possible given all the other things HD does for us. Nonetheless, there are occasions (at least in what I do) where things like this are necessary, so I search for options.


David, thank you so much for demonstrating the roof plane polylines, it made it clear exactly what needs to be done. Manipulating them is indeed a little finicky, but manual adjustments on the roof plane could be done as a finishing task after everything else is done. Though I suppose it would have to be re-done any time revisions require a roof rebuild, but it is a workable option.


Thanks again. You guys rock.

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@DavidJPotter , @solver


Just thought I would pass this along ...


Digging in the "Edit > Defaults... > Roof" menu, I discovered the "Segment Angle at Curved Wall" option. I saw this before, but its purpose did not click until I read the help page for it. Setting this to a low value makes the app much more accurate when it carves out a hole for the roof around curved walls, but is limited to 6 degree segments. Sometimes it lets more of the wall through, depending on the radius of the curve.


There are pros and cons to this. Smaller segments mean more manual edits, but the edits are likely to be more accurate. I have found so far that it does help make it more obvious where the problems are, at least on larger radius curves.  There may be other undesirable side effects, but I experimented a bit with adding unusual geometries to the main (lower) structure, and the roof planes seemed to behave themselves, so it is encouraging.



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