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Hello folks.


I can not figure this one out. I want to create a room that steps down. So I set the floor and ceiling down and everything works, except the front wall ... its foundation goes down to some arbitrary depth.  Have spent quite some time trying to get that one wall to match the others, and have not found the problem. Even deleted the foundation "floor", but still no joy.


Plan and image attached. Be aware that ...

- I use from the bonus and manufacturers catalog

- The plan has User materials - you can replace with anything that paints like a wall board

- Defaults have been modified a fair amount to meet the use-case for this design

- The attached plan has two separate buildings, but the behavior is the same whether the lowered room is separate or as part of the other building.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

Bad front wall.png


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Thank you for your quick response David!


I agree that manual adjustment does solve the problem. I had hoped that there might be some explanation or solution for why the app does that to the wall. For example, if I recreate the same structures in one of the provided New Plan styles, the front wall does not do that. I will spend a little more time playing with my settings and see if I can discover the root cause. If not, manual adjustment will do the trick. 


Thanks also for pointing out the terrain challenges that will go along with the stepped foundation, but from experience on other plans, am confident that it can be sufficiently managed. Though I do wish I could raise terrain on buildings to make a green roof, but that is another topic for another forum.


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10 hours ago, ArminBuilder said:

I want to create a room that steps down.


Steps down from/to what?




You do not have auto rebuild foundations on. When I build the foundation I see the 2 structures on the left.


The one on the far right is a copy of the one on the left, moved down 12" and the Foundation setting removed from the walls.

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@solver, oh, that is interesting! 


So, I turned on auto build foundation, and could not reproduce the deep foundation you got (re-downloaded the plan I attached above to confirm).


Strangely, I did finally get it to behave, but I have no idea why.  No changes other than to turn on auto build foundations. Here is what I did...

- I rebuilt the sunken structure (have done it many times), still got the same behavior

- Selected all of the bad structure (on floor 1), and moved it to a new location - this prompted to turn off auto roof build.

- Turned auto roof build back on.

Suddenly the wall was fixed, no idea why.


The reason I was using foundation walls (and had deleted level 0) is because the app automatically moves all foundations to the negative height of the lowest foundation.  This makes it hard to communicate to the engineer and construction crews what is actually desired (footings should step down with the floors).  I tried to make level 0 step down, but could not figure out if it was even possible. I could, of course, turn off auto-foundations and manually adjust them from level 0.

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You can control foundation wall heights from within the foundation room, or from the room above (auto rebuild off).




You can also use pony walls for foundation walls where they step down with grade and you want siding above and concrete below.

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Thanks for the info. I tried that approach (adjusting level 0 heights), and it will work. I do find the height numbers in level 0 incredibly confusing though. They just don't make sense to my brain - I probably do not understand the relationship between "floor below" and actual floor height in level 1. I find myself switching between 0 and 1 all the time trying to get things adjusted correctly.


More importantly for me, the foundation seems to insist on creating a stem wall, which is not used with ICF structures - ICF sits directly on the footer. I could not find a setting to make stem wall 0" (or to be ignored). I also could not find a footer setting to make it use vertical footings at the step. Foundation walls have those features and seem to work fine when level 0 is deleted.  I may be wrong-headed in this thinking, and am happy to learn.

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