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Positioning Corbels In HD Pro

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In my previous Question Leanne said to change the corbels direction in plan view. Good answer because there are handles on the corbels in plan view but not in perspective view. Every one else assured me corbels do have handles. So I needed to have a tiled window open.

click "Window"

Click on tiled window or

hold down shift key and F6 at the same time and the tiled window will happen .

Position the corbels height in perspective view.

Hit/click  space bar

click on corbel in plan view

shift select corbels handle in plan view

keep an eye on my perspective view while rotating the corbel in plan view.


As this is not explained in the manual I hope it helps other users.

If it is explained in the manual I have tried to find this answer for a few days without success.

Also to new users  On my older computer the program does not work that well. On my new computer it works much better. It still has bad hair days but I shut down and let the program have a rest.

I read on NVidias site that you should not run the video card for too long. So turn off terrain features and keep things simple on your screen. David told me that some weeks ago but it did not sink in at that time.


I still have one more question about corbels see new post.

And many thanks to all that tried to help me.

Kind regards Robyn.




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I never looked for a rotate handle while in any camera views because it is so much easier to control and locate such items while in plan view where all the handels do show when something is selected.


Perfection in anything is not something I tend to expect or even wish for. I do appreciate workability and this software, though not perfect is very workable and fascile which is good enough for me.



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I mentioned this in your earlier thread as well, but you actually do get the edit handle in the 3D camera view if you select the Corbel symbol from its top.

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