Siding over roof lines

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As you can see I have an area above the roofline of the extending back room.  This is a problem that I continue to come across as well connecting the fascia from the high point of the roof back down toward the peak of the extending porch.  I would also like to run a 1x4 underneath the soffit. If you can point me in the right direction many thanks would be expressed...  therefore, I have two problems I am trying to overcome 1) filling areas with needed siding and 2) extending fascia toward roof lines although the roof plans have been connected and 3) placing a 1x4 or board underneath the soffit area....  thanks... for your help... wayne


trying to establish fascia.jpg

home needing changes to front porch.jpg

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Hi there....I have had similar issue in the past,

have you tried just material painting tool on that area;

Also on the mismatched fascia or verge board...paint it to match the others?

I recall solving my model issue that way.

the other thing I now check is the room definition for the outside porch area;

ive also learnt this the hard's the good part of's smart.

im a novice with it and every day is learning the ropes.......but still I use it in a similar way to yourself...

the manuals and books did help me though.

give them a go it saved me some time I must say. They are good tools to have.



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  • 2 months later...

I have the same problem as Wayne. I hope I complied with Solver's signature requirements so I can get an answer! I tried Robborito's suggestion of using the material painter, but the siding came out vertical instead of horizontal. I liked Wayne submitting a pdf as I do not always have the software version that will open other files. I am submitting mine both ways, although I am not sure a dxf file is the right way to do it. Please help!


Deanna F.

Home Designer Suite 2017

Howard OH

Missing siding.pdf

Siding over roof lines.dxf

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Thanks for the sig Deanna.


Posting images (.jpg or .png) works best as they show directly in the forum. Use a screen capture tool to make them.


And attaching your plan file (yourplan.plan) can be helpful too, and in this case i think someone will need it to help.

Close Suite before attaching.

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