Finished bonus room over garage

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Spent a couple of days of scouring this forum and trying different approaches to get this working - finally throwing in the towel and asking the board...  


I'm trying to create a finished bonus room over the garage, all under roof.  I was successful doing this for the main house, which was easy by using the "ignore top floor" option under Build Roof.  However, since for the main house the top floor is the 3rd floor, it does not recognize the 2nd floor of the garage as the top floor.  And does not appear I can specify separate floors as the "top floor" for different structures.


How can I make the roof ignore the second floor of the garage?  


Attaching a draft of my plan here to help show what I mean.  Any advice or tips to lead me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


BTW, love this product.  Amazing work by the CA team.  




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I've not looked at the plan, but 2 suggestions.


Manual roofs, or move the levels of the garage up one floor and then adjust the absolute heights to move things where they need to be.



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DJP - this was more than enough to show me where I was going wrong.  The Transform/Replicate Object function was something I was previously not familiar with.  I'm back on the right track now.  Unbelievable forum you have here folks, really looking forward to hanging out in here!

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