Gable wall roof intersections


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I'm having trouble with the roof building some crazy lines. The problem is the bump out wall in the center of the screen shots. This is the laundry / mud area on the plan view. If I make it a gable wall It creates this tall wall structure on the end if the main house. If I make this a hip wall it is closer to what I'm trying to achieve but it has this offset ridge line. I have tried the break wall tool but nothing changes. I'm sure its a wall issue as with the house and garage separated there is no issue, it's when I try to draw them attached. I'm trying to make it a gable roof to match the opposite front corner of the house thus creating three intersecting gable roof lines. What am I doing wrong?




Home Designer Suite 2018

roof over laundry mud area.jpg

roof with gable wall.jpg

Roof with hip wall.jpg

front gable.jpg

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You are trying to design a very awkward roof transition. Trying to connect two structures with parallel but offset ridges is rarely clean.


Jo Ann shows a way to do what you want, but it just does not look good to me.


Here is an alternate that still has problems. I always prefer a gable over the garage doors to shed snow/rain to the side.




I'm guessing you don't have the room, but moving the garage to the right would help.





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How would I move the gable roof section currently over the garage doors further up the roof and wider? Would I have to basically create a dormer without side walls? What I'm trying to do is have the left side ( as viewed from the front) of the roof intersect the main house roof where it attaches to the garage eliminating the small flat spot where the two intersect currently.

new roof.jpg

Roof lines.jpg

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7 minutes ago, Sno-twister76 said:

Would I have to basically create a dormer without side walls?


That's a good way with Suite.


I you look back a few responses, you will see I drew in a small saddle at this spot, which is how a roofer would handle it.

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