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  1. I want to use two different siding types on the front of the garage. The lower portion up to the top plate of the wall would be vinyl clapboard style but from this point up to the ridge (gable wall) I want to use a shingle / shake style. How do I separate the two? By default the same type covers the entire wall.
  2. I see it now. Was curious what that was.
  3. How would I move the gable roof section currently over the garage doors further up the roof and wider? Would I have to basically create a dormer without side walls? What I'm trying to do is have the left side ( as viewed from the front) of the roof intersect the main house roof where it attaches to the garage eliminating the small flat spot where the two intersect currently.
  4. Hmmm, trying to figure out how to make it all one gable over the garage doors.
  5. I do like that! I just got the shed roof changed and was trying to think of how to do just what you showed with the gable.
  6. Now that I can visualize it. I don't like it either. Snow and ice here is an issue as well.
  7. Eric, What you are saying is exactly the problem! Originally I had a breezeway connecting the two but due to the zoning setback requirement I had to move the garage closer and further back.
  8. Yes! I was trying to break the wall along the common wall with the garage. This is what happens when I do the same. It creates a vertical line along the garage wall and a open gap in the soffit
  9. Here is the file. This is a major remodel project of the existing house structure with a new garage. The two bump outs are new as well. I am having the entire foundation replaced so we are making these changes as part of that. Garage1house_RevH.plan
  10. I'm having trouble with the roof building some crazy lines. The problem is the bump out wall in the center of the screen shots. This is the laundry / mud area on the plan view. If I make it a gable wall It creates this tall wall structure on the end if the main house. If I make this a hip wall it is closer to what I'm trying to achieve but it has this offset ridge line. I have tried the break wall tool but nothing changes. I'm sure its a wall issue as with the house and garage separated there is no issue, it's when I try to draw them attached. I'm trying to make it a gable roof to match the opposite front corner of the house thus creating three intersecting gable roof lines. What am I doing wrong? Mike Home Designer Suite 2018
  11. Not sure what I did wrong earlier, but now it looks like the pic you posted, but in concrete. Earlier it was open underneath with exposed stringers.
  12. Not a big issue. It creates the effect anyway. Thanks.
  13. Seems to be working, however if I deselect the stringers for some reason it creates stringers anyway.
  14. Perhaps I would need to create a series of stepped walls to simulate solid concrete steps?
  15. Trying to create concrete stairs for an outside entrance to a basement. Kind of like a storm entrance. I can create a break in the foundation wall, but the stair tools create a standard riser, tread and stringer construction. Ultimately what I an working on is a breezeway between the house and garage with both steps up to the house entrance and stairs parallel alongside going down to the basement. All enclosed. Is that possible with my version of the software? I have searched tutorials and knowledge base articles but found nothing similar.
  16. Point taken. I've added that info. Moving the floor plan was too simple. I guess I was just over thinking it. Thanks!
  17. I'm working on a remodel floor plan project of my current home. I have a ranch home with basement foundation that I want to build a new garage / shop attached by an enclosed breezeway. I have quite a bit of time into this so far with the house and garage floor plans and am trying not to start all over. I had the breezeway also connecting the two structures and then realized I wanted the garage moved further forward in relation to the house floor plan. I deleted the breezeway, but is there a way to "shift" one floor plan or the other until I like the position and then re-draw the breezeway in?