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Hi All,

I am trying to find answers in the reference manual pertaining to "siding" what do the items for each line mean as per photo 1.

What is a siding 6 wall made up of?

Is the blue section in my second photo? concrete? concrete block? or timber?post-620-0-88249700-1414882459_thumb.pngpost-620-0-26900600-1414882478_thumb.png

Note the 1st photo is in imperial as it is of the video I am watching

the second photo is in metric as it is of my actual plan in metric. I hope that is not confusing.


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The Reference Manual in this case and in my opinion is unnecessary.


If you select each layer in the Wall Specicicatioin Dialog, one at a time that layers material will be displayedin the upper right-hand "Select Material" part of the dialog.


Each wall layer can be adjusted as to its width value and its material assignment changed, all in this dialog.


Where you have an arrow with a question markis not a layer at all but rather a line dividing the outter layer from the next layer inboard.


You can see that the dialog box for "Siding 6" contains 5 layers (siding then moisture wrap, then sheathing, then framing and lastly interior sheetrock or drywall. (all shown in image #1)


In the dialog image for "thick siding" there are only four layers


If you actually confront those dialogs, they by themselves, tell you what is what.



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