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Hi guys!


I've had great success in asking questions here before. I've had good luck in creating spaces as well. My self and my interior designer have been collaborating in making new plans. The newest problem is we get an error message saying "The extents of the view being generated are unusually large. This may be cause by an object that is very far away from the origin." I'm assuming this resulted from something that was put in the plan but I can't find it. I attached a screenshot of the error message and a copy of the plan below. What could cause this?

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 2.00.43 PM.png

Steinkamp Basement.plan

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Do a Fill Window (F6). The plan will show really small.


Zoom out some more, then marquee the entire bottom of the screen. Delete.


You may need to do this a couple of times.


Do a Fill Window Building Only, then a Fill Window. They should be about the same. If not repeat the above.

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Whatever you misplaced in outer Mongolia, I couldn't find.  Your 2d plan is also not centered on the xy center of the screen.


To save yourself from ripping out hair, try this:

Open a new plan and tile vertically beside original plan.

Choose (tool bar) EDIT/ edit area, and marquee around the entire existing plan, and (tool bar) COPY.

Reselect the NEW plan, (tool bar) PASTE, then center your curser between the side slider and lower slider bar  (aka center of the screen), and Paste.


All should be better now. 

Do a 'save as' (choose same name as old plan) and new plan is saved, and old plan is deleted.


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