Stairwell/Wall framing weridness


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Hello folks,


On the detached garage I'm building, there is a 2nd story loft framed by attic trusses. Followed the KB article on that, and it seems to be generating correctly. I'm now trying to connect the 1st and 2nd floor through a L-shaped staircase. The long portion of the the stairs is on the back gable wall of the garage. When I use the "Auto Stairwell" tool to create the opening in the 2nd floor platform, it changes the gable wall framing for a reason I don't understand (and don't want). I've attached a before and after picture, and the plan. Any help is appreciated.




Without Stairwell.PNG

With Stairwell.PNG

Two Story Garage - Truss (Vendor).plan

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Instead of choosing 'auto stairwell', on floor 2, draw in your own 'open below' room, using room divider walls.

The room divider wall shown in red, is close to (but NOT touching) the framing wall.

The wall framing will not change.




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