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  1. Hi folks, Does anyone have an idea about the question I had in my 2nd post (quoted below)? I'm not even sure trusses should be used in this situation, but attic trusses do seem to be great options for just a two story garage without the carport/shed roof. Thanks, --Jamie "So, I have the roof over the porch area now. However, the top cord of the attic trusses is sticking down through the ceiling of the porch. Any suggestions on how to take care of that? HDPro doesn't have the edit framing member tool like Premier does and when I simply drag the truss bac
  2. I have another question in addition to the one above. I'm doing an alternative plan that uses rafters for the roof framing (since I'm not sure how trusses will even work with the shed roof overhang). However, I can't seem to get a ceiling over the porch room. I have the "Roof Over This Room" and "Flat Ceiling Over This Room" checked in the Structure tab. I also have ceiling surfaces checked to display in the 3D perspective layer options. Any ideas? Thanks, --Jamie Two Story Garage with Shed - Rafter (Vendor).plan
  3. Thanks Eric. I knew it was probably possible to do, it was more the how I was looking for help with. Anyways, after an hour or so of trying, I figured it out. For anyone else that needs to know, you use the "Join Roof Planes" tool. You have to drag the shed roof back so there is a gap between that and the main roof plane. Then click on the side of the roof plane next to the one you want to join, then click the "Join Roof Planes." The command was demonstrated in several training videos, but always with two manual roof planes. Makes sense that it works with a manual and automatic pla
  4. Hi folks, Working on a detached garage design with a simple 12/12 roof bearing on the 1st floor walls. I would like to add a shed-style roof to one side of the garage and trying to achieve a look like the attached pictures. I followed this support article, even though it was for CA Premier, and got part of the way there. But I'm not sure how to adapt it to my specific design. When I follow the article to the letter, I get a negatively slopped shed roof, I think due to the example building having 12 ft ceilings and my design having 9 ft. In general, I'm looking for som
  5. Probably best answered by CA support, but the Intel 630 is an integrated graphics video card, so tends to be generally under-powered for 3D-intense work. I have a RX580 with 8 GB of memory, and I still get some sluggishness with Full camera views. All that being said, doesn't explain why it was working and isn't (Windows 10 update? New drivers installed?), nor why 2D actions are slow. --Jamie
  6. Hello folks, On the detached garage I'm building, there is a 2nd story loft framed by attic trusses. Followed the KB article on that, and it seems to be generating correctly. I'm now trying to connect the 1st and 2nd floor through a L-shaped staircase. The long portion of the the stairs is on the back gable wall of the garage. When I use the "Auto Stairwell" tool to create the opening in the 2nd floor platform, it changes the gable wall framing for a reason I don't understand (and don't want). I've attached a before and after picture, and the plan. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Thanks Eric, that seemed to fix it. Deleted the attic floor, deleted the wall framing, and rebuild the wall framing. Gable walls look normal now. --Jamie
  8. JamesR

    Wall elevation view

    David, Thanks for the video. As usual, they are very helpful and appreciated. The problem I was having was when I used the wall elevation camera, the one you were demonstrating, nothing displayed at all. No cabinets, fixtures, wall, etc. In my particular plan, the room is in the basement, or foundation floor. Evidently, the Foundation layer needs to be turned on for any objects to show. However, the Foundation layer does not show up as being used in the Display Options window. Once I turn on the Foundation layer, I can then see everything in the wall elevation view. I d
  9. Thanks Eric. I turned on the balloon through ceiling option for the gable walls on the 2nd floor. Then deleted all framing and rebuilt. The weird pyramid is gone, but now there is a "cap" on the gable side walls, as shown by the attached picture. Not how your wall looks in the picture... Any ideas? Do I need to enable balloon through ceiling on the 1st or attic floor walls? Thanks, --Jamie Two Story Garage - Truss.plan
  10. JamesR

    Wall elevation view

    I put in a support ticket. Turns out everything in that room resides in the Foundation layer... --Jamie
  11. JamesR

    Wall elevation view

    Definitely seems like a bug. Turning all the layers on shows something. Then, as you suggested, turning off all the layers except Base Cabinets and Wall, Normal didn't show anything. I think went back and turned on every layer that had a "+" used sign by it. Still a blank view. I'll go back and turn on the other layers to see what actually shows something, but seems pretty obvious if none of the used layers show anything then there is something up. Thanks, --Jamie
  12. JamesR

    Wall elevation view

    Still doesn't work. I have a saved elevation view in the plan I've attached. Every time I do a wall elevation view anywhere, I get a blank screen after it opens a new tab. --Jamie Harperfield_Basement_-_Stripped.plan
  13. JamesR

    Wall elevation view

    I'm having an issue with wall elevation view. When I position the camera towards a wall, it opens a new tab, but its blank. Before I get into more details and/or post my file, quick question. Is there a restriction on using the wall elevation in the basement floor? Thanks, --Jamie
  14. Building a detached garage with a loft/bonus room above. Would like to use attic trusses, and followed the support article here. The actual truss generation seemed to go ok. However, there seems to be some wackyness on the gable wall framing that I would like to understand. Since I plan to have a window on each gable end, I don't plan on using an end truss, but normal framed wall. Right at the ceiling of the 2nd floor, there is a "pyramid" when the framing is generated. It is obviously not a practical framing situation, so is there any settings that I have not changed that is causing this? Any