Missing Foundation Walls?


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So there I was scrolling around the exterior in 3D after I installed all the windows and, suddenly discovered three rooms missing foundation walls!


The only thing I can remotely figure out is it is related to the fact that the Dining Room, Great Room & Kitchen are all independently defined using a Room Divider.


Also, not sure why there's a hole in the wall in the segment of wall where the door & stair go out to the Garage.


Just when you think you're starting to get the hang of the program, something simple bites you.



Dining Room Settings.jpg

Foundation Walls Missing.jpg

Foundationd Walls Missing Plan.jpg

Master Bedroom Settings.jpg

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"Automatic" relative to Architectural software is a misnomer. It is in NO WAY automatic. What really happens is that you either pre-set conditions via "Edit - Default Settings" and via "Room Specification Dialogs" or you don't. This software was created by very smart people but by itself, it is just a stupid, mechanical, moron with no intelligence or judgment of its own, you supply that or you get nothing but chaos. You find out what the settings do and mean via study and practice. You notice an unwanted result then all you need know  is that you misunderstood a setting or settings that caused that result, always.

If you want some detailed help then Please post a copy of your plan file so it can then be studied as to its settings by others.



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You know that invisible wall inside the fireplace?  Un-check 'invisible'  and the basement walls will build (assuming 'auto rebuild foundation walls' is still turned on).


On level '0', the garage and shop have no foundation wall separating them.

Extend one of the existing foundation walls to separate them, and see if that fixes the problem.

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Fix #1 still works, but you need to rebuild the foundation (delete, then rebuild foundation OR open the default settings/foundation and recheck 'auto rebuild foundation').

Fix #2 (garage) worked in the old plan, but does not seem to work in the 'stripped' plan. :blink:   Instead, highlight the wall, then hit the 'tab' key, then drag down the wall.

If you want a real backsplash in the laundry room, you should use the custom backsplash tool instead of a wall covering.

I see that you changed the back porch to a deck, but you still have the 'plank03 decking'  material surface showing.  In the room structure tab, put a check in the 'floor finish(K)' default box.  Then on the materials tab, change the 'deck planks' to a wood texture.

 If you want the deck boards to show better, on the deck structure tab, change the deck plank width to about 5/8.  You can also change the plank direction on this tab.  :)

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If you want the ceiling on the porches to 'clean-up', check 'use soffit surface' (room structure tab).


The deck has a problem, and the ceiling doesn't 'clean-up'.  Look closely at the roof on the east side of the deck.

Zoom in to the east wall of the deck, and align it with the exterior siding wall.  Shazam!

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