Multiple Floor Joist Directions


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I am working on a plan which has both front and back screened rooms (not decks).  For the screened rooms, I need the floor joists running east-west since those rooms will have no subfloor but will only use deck boards.  For the remainder of the house, I need the floor joists to run north-south.  So, there are three separate areas where joist direction changes.


I have tried doing this using bearing lines and the joist direction tool, but as you can see in the attachments, the tool apparently can't handle three areas and so is getting confused and running the joists east-west in the front and back portions of the house (which should be north south).  Does anyone know of a work-around for this?  I could probably manually draw the joists in the erroneous sections, but I hate to turn off auto framing if I can avoid it.


Sorry I can't attach the plan file itself.  Although it's a small home, the plan size of 29 MB exceed the max size of 25.  Would be nice if they would increase that max size ...  The PDF and .dxf files I was able to attach will hopefully give you the general idea.


As an aside, My beams are closely spaced, so I'm only planning on using 2 x 8 joists which will bear on those beams.  Does anyone see or have experience with using smaller floor joists such as this, or should I bite the bullet and go with 2 x 10?  Load calculations seem to be fine with the short spans for 2 x 8.


As always, thanks to all you experts out there that have been so helpful to me and to others.

1229 SF - 2018-07-17 - Floor Joists - Base Plan.pdf

1229 SF - 2018-07-17 - Floor Joists - Base Plan.dxf

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48 minutes ago, AirstreamJake said:

Although it's a small home, the plan size of 29 MB exceed the max size of 25.


Zip the file, or copy and delete the fluff, then attach the smaller file.

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Eric (Solver) - I did as you suggested on my plan, and viola!  Couldn't do this without you.  Thanks again.


My wife and I are building this with just the two of us as labor.  I thought you might like to see a few pictures of progress thus far (attachments below).  Work now halted for the summer but will resume in the fall.  In the meantime, working on finalizing plan details above the foundation level.

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Eric - our place is in the 'piney woods' area of east Texas.  Specifically, we are in far northeast Texas, not too far from Texarkana.  The land here is not the desert that most people visualize when they think 'Texas' - that part of Texas is in the western half of the state where no one lives.  We're in a beautiful area and have about 60 acres.  1/2 is heavily forested with roads and trails, the other half is improved grass meadows that are baled for hay.  We've been living in a 2003 Airstream travel trailer that we completely remodeled and which is located in a building that we constructed.  The building sits about 3' from the water and also includes a full bathroom.  Further pictures attached below to give you the 'lay of the land'.  In the final picture, the RV building is to the left and the new homesite with partially-constructed foundation is straight ahead, on the other side of the canoe.





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Being a native Texan myself and having traveled extensively around the State, I can underline that Texas has many different areas: Deserts, mountains, plains, Coastal areas with beautiful beaches, The piney forest areas start just East of where I live in Austin. Austin is on the Southern edge of the Great Plains that runs North to the Dakotas and is on the edge of the Hill Country that stretches Westward from Austin. I love it, its people and its places.


The attached photo is of downtown Austin across the Colorado River, dammed up into Lady Bird Lake




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