Artifacts when I paint one wall


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I am consistently having issues when I try to paint one wall.  If I use the dropper and try to paint the one wall (using either Component or Object), it paints ALL the walls in the room.  So I have been selecting the wall, opening up the dialog and trying to select the material that way.  Unfortunately, I get a wall that is partially painted.  It has weird artifacts.  For some reason, it works on the attic wall but not the lower wall.  


I am attaching an image of the artifacts5ad39eefe277b_PaintIssues.thumb.jpg.95fb83413c991c3264c53cad9f39c742.jpg 5ad39f509df5c_PaintIssues2.thumb.jpg.47f92397a912abe06751fe5257657601.jpgand the wall dialog5ad39eef84cf9_PaintIssuesWallDialog.thumb.png.42abb96f76a73e88a6e24c387bdf0ec5.png as I've got it set.


Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


Here is the Design. designer468_house-V3-ManRoof-Brick_Fireplaces_Short.plan

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OK, I got it.  For anyone else who runs into this problem:


1.  Double Click on the Room or open up the Room Specification

2.  Click on Wall Coverings

3.  Click on Delete to remove the Wall Covering set for all the walls in the Room


Thank you Solver!

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Haven't we already been down this road before?


Open the 'ROOM' dbx and DELETE the wall covering.

If you still want the textured wall covering on that 1 wall, open the WALL and select the wall covering, and paint it.


You also still have the textured wall covering set for all interior walls in the default settings.

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