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  1. Thanks so much for trying! I have 2018, so they must have just added this feature. Bummer. :-( Fortunately, the flower pot did the trick. Thanks again! Anna
  2. I don't get a rotation handle when when I take the cross section and select the object ...
  3. I tried elevation view, but could not see any way to rotate it. I did try catalogs but couldn't find the feet I wanted. I ended up finding a vase that was really close in shape. I reduced it down in size and gave it a "wood" material. It's working for now. :-) Thanks for the tips!
  4. I'm trying to flip a cylindrical object upside down in order to create a set of mid century modern furniture feet (the ones you often see at the bottom of 1950 tables). I can rotate it and flip it sideways, but I need to flip it upside down and can't figure out how to do that.
  5. Ahhhhh ... I have to piece it together. OK, I'll work on it. Wish there was a way to just set the back of the cabinet to be open. :-( Thanks for the help! Anna
  6. Hi, I'm trying to create an architectural piece that is similar to the links below So there will be some open shelves (that are completely see through), some shelves with a back on them (open with no doors) and some areas that are closed door cabinets. I know how to manipulate the cabinets to have open shelving, but I can't figure out how to create open shelving that is see through. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Anna
  7. OK, I got it. For anyone else who runs into this problem: 1. Double Click on the Room or open up the Room Specification 2. Click on Wall Coverings 3. Click on Delete to remove the Wall Covering set for all the walls in the Room Thank you Solver!
  8. It doesn't allow me to delete. Every time I hit the delete key, it just beeps at me. And I don't see an option to delete it.
  9. But won't that change the material for all the walls in the room? I just want one wall to be painted a separate color.
  10. As a side note. I just checked to make sure I'm up to date on program updates. It looks like I have the latest version ... unless I want to upgrade to 2019.
  11. Just uploaded it. Let me know if it doesn't post. Thank you Solver!
  12. I am consistently having issues when I try to paint one wall. If I use the dropper and try to paint the one wall (using either Component or Object), it paints ALL the walls in the room. So I have been selecting the wall, opening up the dialog and trying to select the material that way. Unfortunately, I get a wall that is partially painted. It has weird artifacts. For some reason, it works on the attic wall but not the lower wall. I am attaching an image of the artifacts and the wall dialog as I've got it set. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Her
  13. Hope they eventually extend that feature to HomeDesigner. Thanks for the help!
  14. Thank you David for answering this on a Sunday! Do you mean that each camera can be configured with a specified backdrop? I opened up the Camera object but can't see where backdrops can be specified. Or do I have to change the backdrop via 3D - 3D View Defaults every time I switch from one camera to the next?