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I have been having a problem with unwanted lines showing in vector view elevations (not standard view). They appear at the juncture of different wall types- foundation & framing both horizontally and vertically as shown on the attached pdf of a vector elevation. They are appearing in both brick veneer & stucco projects. I feel like it must be something obvious like a layer or some other setting but I have not figured it out. I am a new user of Home Designer Pro 2018 and this is my first post.

Thanks for any help with this.


side elevation.pdf

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Please post images directly -- no need to make a PDF of an image.




Vector views are like that, although these lines may also highlight alignment problems.


Posting your plan file will make it easier for others to help.




And -- I do see you said, but ...


Answers often depend on what title (Suite, Pro etc) and version (2014, 2015 etc) you are using.


You can help everyone by adding this info to your signature (see mine for an example) by clicking on your user name at the top right of the page, click Account Settings, then Signature on the left.


Doing so makes it always available, and keeps others from having to hunt for it.




Resources for self help:


The built in Help System (always a good place to start)




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Home Designer Pro, any version, does not have the ability to remove unwanted vector view lines {Chief Premier does). To get rid of the unwanted vector view lines you use a "Standard Render Camera" view and the unwanted lines will disappear.



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I am attaching my plan files as requested. This being my 1st plan in Home Designer Pro I have been going over various alignment problems I created & I’m correcting them, I realize I have more to go. The unwanted lines showing in vector view elevations specifically front & right side but not rear & right elevations I still can’t figure out. My goal is a clean set of exterior elevations for the working drawings & I assume that vector views is the only option for this, is this correct?

Thanks again for the help.


1 Cover sheet.layout

2 Elevations.layout

3 Elevations.layout

4 Basement Plan.layout

5 1st floor.layout


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The basement wall on the right side just has painted brick on it. Redefine it, adding an actual layer of brick on the exterior, and it looks better. Also pay attention to Interior/Exterior orientation on walls. Make sure the exterior side is facing out. This foundation wall was reversed.


I deleted the attic gable wall -- the program rebuilt it, and that cleaned up more lines.


Sometimes Balloon Through Ceiling Above may be used, but be sure to check that the program removes the wall above -- often it does not and you end up with 2 walls in the same space.


Note on the front corner the 1st floor and basement walls are not aligned, resulting in a line. Read up on how walls automatically align floor to floor, and especially how basement walls align.


It's difficult to give clear instructions on eliminating these lines because there are many causes.


Sometimes I will use Delete Current Floor on the Attic level to clean up artifacts -- walls that the program auto built but are no longer needed. The program will automatically rebuild attic walls, so if you try this, select windows etc that are on the attic level and copy them, then Paste/Hold Position to put them back after the program rebuilds the walls.



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I am still trying to figure out double horizontal lines that appear in my vector view elevations around the juncture between the foundation wall and the first floor wall. These lines have appeared in all my plans to date. I have attached a very simplified example of a brick veneer structure with a basement to eliminate other possible causes. For the front foundation wall in the wall specification box under foundation I have unchecked the sill plate box & that causes one line to disappear in the exterior elevation which is encouraging. On the other three basement walls I have not unchecked sill plate and the double lines appears in those views. I am trying to figure out what the remaining line in the front wall elevation is and how to eliminate it.  I have noted that David Jefferson Potter has stated that Home Designer Pro, any version, does not have the ability to remove unwanted vector view lines. Is this one of those cases?

Thanks for any help you can give me on this.

Tom Oakley

Home Designer Pro 2018

sill lines example.plan

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The program like walls that match from floor to floor when thinking about visible lines as you have shown.


Here is an idea for you to experiment with. If you want an all brick foundation wall, just substitute brick for the concrete I show.


And leave the sill plate in place -- maybe make it 3 1/2".



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Vector view camera views are composed only of lines and color fills. Walls are defined in 3D views by Wall-poly-lines. You can see this when a wall is selected in a camera view (Like in Eric's image above, is a perfect example). So it is quite "normal" for vector views to show the edge lines of individual wall poly lines especially in vector views and other line-based camera views. One can reduce such lines by minimizing manual edits of wall polylines which is sometimes necessary to straighten out elevation views. There is no "rule" for this, you just have to develop judgment as to what works and what makes things worse.


I am spoiled by Chief Architect Premier due to the presence of a tool to select and delete such unwanted lines. One can also draw in missing lines with this tool, it is one of the many perks one obtains when upgrading to Premier.


When you find a manually edited wall polyline it will show up on the "Structure Tab" of the "Wall Specification dialog box - Structure Tab-Default "Wall Heights" checkboxes, if you see one of these unchecked, place a check there and see if that lessens the presence of unwanted lines. Manual wall editing of wall polylines is "permanent" until or unless you then undo the manual edit using the method above addressing the Structure Tab- Wall Heights checkboxes.




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