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  1. Here is my plan file, it is still in a preliminary stage. Blackwelder 606B Whitley Preliminary .plan
  2. In plan view in one of my Home Designer Pro 2021 drawing files my window labels are located in the window opening as opposed to outside of the window as they do in all my other drawing files. I feel like this should be an obvious setting but I can’t find it. Where should I be looking? Thanks for help on this. Tom Oakley
  3. Thank you for your input Allen, it's very helpful. Tom Oakley
  4. Does anyone have any experience using Microsoft OneDrive as a cloud backup service for Home Designer Pro files? I did upload a test Home Designer .plan file to OneDrive and later downloaded it and it seemed to open all right. I just wanted to check to see if anyone had experienced any problems with their files and OneDrive. Thanks, Tom Oakley
  5. odesign

    Arched shutters

    The shutter I was using was a cottage shutter & would not change its profile so I tried a panel shutter and that did match the window profile. Thank you Eric.
  6. odesign

    Arched shutters

    I am trying to modify exterior window shutters or find a catalog of arched shutters to match elliptical and arched windows. I have looked in 3D Warehouse & have not found any. I am using Home Designer Pro 2020. Thanks for any suggestions. Tom Oakley
  7. odesign

    unwanted lines

    I am still trying to figure out double horizontal lines that appear in my vector view elevations around the juncture between the foundation wall and the first floor wall. These lines have appeared in all my plans to date. I have attached a very simplified example of a brick veneer structure with a basement to eliminate other possible causes. For the front foundation wall in the wall specification box under foundation I have unchecked the sill plate box & that causes one line to disappear in the exterior elevation which is encouraging. On the other three basement walls I have not unchecked sill plate and the double lines appears in those views. I am trying to figure out what the remaining line in the front wall elevation is and how to eliminate it. I have noted that David Jefferson Potter has stated that Home Designer Pro, any version, does not have the ability to remove unwanted vector view lines. Is this one of those cases? Thanks for any help you can give me on this. Tom Oakley Home Designer Pro 2018 sill lines example.plan
  8. odesign

    unwanted lines

    Thanks Eric, this is very helpful in fixing the problems on this project & guiding me with my future projects. Tom
  9. odesign

    unwanted lines

    I am attaching my plan files as requested. This being my 1st plan in Home Designer Pro I have been going over various alignment problems I created & I’m correcting them, I realize I have more to go. The unwanted lines showing in vector view elevations specifically front & right side but not rear & right elevations I still can’t figure out. My goal is a clean set of exterior elevations for the working drawings & I assume that vector views is the only option for this, is this correct? Thanks again for the help. Tom 1 Cover sheet.layout 2 Elevations.layout 3 Elevations.layout 4 Basement Plan.layout 5 1st floor.layout first_plan.plan
  10. odesign

    unwanted lines

    I have been having a problem with unwanted lines showing in vector view elevations (not standard view). They appear at the juncture of different wall types- foundation & framing both horizontally and vertically as shown on the attached pdf of a vector elevation. They are appearing in both brick veneer & stucco projects. I feel like it must be something obvious like a layer or some other setting but I have not figured it out. I am a new user of Home Designer Pro 2018 and this is my first post. Thanks for any help with this. Tom side elevation.pdf