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    Shower drain

    These are Kohler products, you may need to download the catalog.
  2. tkid124

    Views Locking Up

    Support confirmed an issue with Nvidia drivers, they were sorry but identified the driver having an issue with technology used in 3d rendering beyond just the HD software. They were sympathetic and suggested going to an older driver. I couldn't be more pleased with an email I got, after the case had been closed they reached out to let me know Nvidia solved the issue with a driver update and if I had any issues they asked me to reach out to HD's support.
  3. tkid124

    Views Locking Up

    I seem to have a similar issue, when using my Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M, when launching the program I get an error about my video card not being compatible and then the program closes. This was working until last week, I am able to overcome the issue by reverting back to my CPU graphics. I will be opening a case with Support and will add any updates.
  4. Update from Support: This issue is being triggered because you have your stairs and hall both outside of any living areas.I recommend wrapping any interior rooms inside a larger living room of some kind. In this case you could simply extend the dining room to overlap the hall and stairs and the program will understand that the stairs and hall are interior rooms. (See attached)Kirk ClemonsTechnical Support Analyst
  5. It's either a bug (likely) or a random feature. I opened a ticket with support. I have tested with the default files, and found that making my stairs 5' wide (5'4 wide to account for walls) seems to trigger the situation.
  6. After looking through the relevant sections in both Guides it does not seem to cover any ability or feature to do this. Further details on testing with another file that was created new from one of the defaults in the program. It does not seem to have the same results. I have only tested it once so that is far from conclusive. My suspicion is that I have done something in the file that has caused a bug as solver pointed out, or have tweaked some setting unknowingly in the file that has caused this. I will do more testing both with this file and fresh files to confirm a bug and will
  7. When I design a 2 story building using the Space Planning tool: I lay out the first floor, my stairs are often on the interiour of the house, when I use the build feature it turns the room into a court and gives it exterior walls pointing towards my stairs along with big gaping hole in the roof. I am thinking this is some kind of a feature that I have turned on at some point and can't figure out how to turn it off. I use a plan that I have customized and saved on my hard drive, I use that saved plan as a template, I know I could redo all of the customization (hours of work) in a n