Breaking an interior wall to follow bottom of stairs

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In the image, want to extend the wall right of the blue outline so it fills the space where the balusters are.


I have tried selecting the wall and using the break line tool from the edit tool bar, but no break is placed.



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no idea if it will work in your particular case I just know it's an option in the Defaults>walls>railings




perhaps it cant be changed once drawn? some stuff isn't retro active when you change a setting , may need to be redrawn?



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There seem to be wall railings and stair railings. The setting you show is for wall railings -- you draw a wall, then check Railing in the wall DBX or for an upper floor railing drawn by the auto stairwell tool.


Stair railings are not effected.



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Hi Eric , the DBX I show above is for the Default setting for all railings , when you draw a staircase or railing wall , however I should of pointed you to the (Railing)  Wall DBX ,Railing Style Tab in 2015 ,  where you can change the wall to solid from Baluster if desired on an individual wall basis, once again not sure if it works in your particular case.


Change to Solid here,   (note wall selected on LH side)



and go from This :



to this:



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