Still trouble with creating manual roof lines in HS architect


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Help!! Still having a lot of trouble creating manual roof lines in HD Architectural 2018. I am  Attaching files which  have been previously edited and corrected to a degree via this forum and attaching files with our needs pencillied into the scanned version. If anybody can assist it will not only be extremely greatly appreciated but it will save my sanity, marriage and savings.

Floorplan 1  shows area which is elevated 450mm above rest of building.

HD overview shows edited notes of continuing gable east west roof into other nth sth roof then creating modified dormer with 2070mm door out onto newly created roof with 5% pitched fall then allowing for a 700mm balustrade and then a levelled sundeck ontop of.

Hd perspective is more direction of needs.

A lot of questions and input required here I know but, most importantly all I want know is and according to Chief Architect this cannot be done in HD architect 2018 apparently and I need too purchase HD Pro to succeed my needs? Is this true? Thanks in advance!



HD overview perspective edit notes2.jpg

HD perspective with edit notes1.jpg

HDreply Draft 2.plan

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24 minutes ago, dukeford said:

I need too purchase HD Pro to succeed my needs? Is this true?


For complicated roof systems, Pro is your best choice, none of the other Home Designer titles have Manual Roof Tools, only Pro. Still, you might be able to do your roof in Architectural but the wall and Room Specification Dialog box settings would have to be PERFECT in order to do so as that is the only way you have of guiding the roof generator to a result (through settings alone). Upgrading to Pro is no free ride in that manually editing and creating roof planes has its own skills which must be learned and mastered to really perform and that is up to you, not the software.



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Not enough correct information for anyone to be of enough help to you.  In your prior threads, you indicated that part of the structure is elevated from the other (elevated via foundation or ceiling???), and you wanted to connect a 3rd structure (slab) to those structures with steps. What is what???

Then, in your uploaded file, auto rebuild roofs is turned off, and any corrections made, (to get the roof built in your file) have been undone.  How did you expect to rebuild your roof?

A lot of clarifying is needed, to be of any help with your file.

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