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  1. Help!! Still having a lot of trouble creating manual roof lines in HD Architectural 2018. I am Attaching files which have been previously edited and corrected to a degree via this forum and attaching files with our needs pencillied into the scanned version. If anybody can assist it will not only be extremely greatly appreciated but it will save my sanity, marriage and savings. Floorplan 1 shows area which is elevated 450mm above rest of building. HD overview shows edited notes of continuing gable east west roof into other nth sth roof then creating modified dormer with 2070mm door out onto newly created roof with 5% pitched fall then allowing for a 700mm balustrade and then a levelled sundeck ontop of. Hd perspective is more direction of needs. A lot of questions and input required here I know but, most importantly all I want know is and according to Chief Architect this cannot be done in HD architect 2018 apparently and I need too purchase HD Pro to succeed my needs? Is this true? Thanks in advance! HDreply Draft 2.plan
  2. Thanks for the reply but when you refer to room structure dbx what are you referring to? And where do we find it? And is this in HD architectural 2018?







    1. solver


      Please keep questions within the original thread.

      If you are asking about dbx, it's short for dialog box. Double click the room, or select the room and Control/Command-E.

    2. dukeford


      Thanks for the tips, pardon my/our ignorance we are still coming to terms with the1.now obvious limitations within HD Architectural and the forums structure and trying to retain questioning within the original threads.This aside, we are builders and are now just beginning to understand the limitations of the current program and the nuances of the forums structure. Thanks and understanding in advance!

      Warm regards from chilly down under!


  3. WOW! Thank you for the prompt replies, greatly appreciated.. I have to ask as DavidJPotter replies re the need for HD Pro to do this, David, this was the conclusion I was coming to 1.Mr solver, was your work/modifications to my file created on HD Architectural or Pro? and 2. how did you achieve the results I was after, its really got me miffed. Look forward to your informative reply and are you able to resend your modified file back to me per chance. 3.LawB10 thank you also, I will be combing through your return file to try to determine just what you did, a few hints if you may? Also were you using HD Architectural 2018 or otherwise? Thank you again and sure to be connecting further into the future. Kind regards, Dukeford
  4. Having trouble creating roof lines. Have attached existing file fyi & help/ assistance. All we wish to do in this instance is extend the right hand side ie north south gable roof over non roofed area into east west roof, ie in Australia we refer to this as the ridge line Create a flat roof over non roofed area. Assistance appreciated. Ross Darran Draft 1.plan
  5. Thoughts on the most suitable & current iPhone app GPS to create then import data into HD Architectural 2018 for my 1/2 acre elevated property. I'm naively presuming this can be done from a Apple 5 iPhone.
  6. dukeford

    human shapes

    We have homedesigner architectural 2018 and need editable human shapes images or silhouettes to place into interiors for spacial awareness nee dsand cannot find any in the existing libraries and only in an SSA which I believe will not work with HD Architectural 2018, can anyone suggest some options. Thank you.
  7. G'day from Australia, Very new to homedesigner architectural 2018 and one of a billion questions to come is.... We have a main building with a detached cottage which we wish to connect via a singular flat roof and then connect the two structures internally via concrete slab with internal steps to accommodate the varied existing elevation. Assistance appreciated. Dukeford