How to drawa Reagent Shelf


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A "reagent shelf" provides a raised ledge over a base cabinet to put stuff - very handy and looks cool. I tried drawing this as a soffit, a railing, and a custom wall type, but none of that worked. Here's a side view of what I'm trying to do.  Reagent-shelf.thumb.jpg.1c107fc1d6f47b93ccbe317f8837bd80.jpg

How can I draw a reagent shelf on top of a base cabinet?


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A few additional notes:  

  • Made slab height same as supporting structure. This room for this was on the 2nd floor, so I had to use absolute heights for the slab bottom and top, per room structure panel. Made slab flush to wall. Made the slab same dimensions as the supporting structure for the shelf, then backed the cabinet up to that.
  • Used the cabinet backsplash, changed the thickness and height.
  • Added a custom countertop for the shelf piece

Elevation attached.


Done for now -- going outside to get eclipsed.





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