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Simpson door ibrary shows up for Home Designer products yet when yuo try and download it is set up for SSA only meaning Chief Architect only.


If you rear fine print on simpson door it clearly says good for Home designer.

See screen shot.


Lots of librbaries that are SSA only I would like to have in Home DEsigner.

Seems easy enough to make hem available to us DYI architects - so why not?

Small fee for ear or free is always good.


So how does one get it with home designer?


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Well I exported the Simpson Strong Tie library from my copy of X9 and then tried to import that into Home Designer Pro and Architecture 2018 and neither of those could do so. I an only surmise from that the command intention is for that library to be only for Chief Premier users, sorry, I tried.



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Thanks for pointing this out. Our content team will review the catalog to determine whether it can be made accessible to HD Users.


Edit: After reviewing, we've found this catalog is compatible, and have made it accessible to non-SSA users.

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