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I'm using Home Designer Pro 2018 and I'm in a bit of a bind. I have a plan that used to have Living Area labels showing in the main floor and foundation levels. I deleted them at one point, but now I need them back.


I have already tried running a Plan Check from the Tools menu.

I checked Default Settings > Plan and can see that the Show Living Area Label is checked. I tried unchecking, saving, rechecking but that had no effect.

I tried pulling an exterior wall apart and reconnecting. Still no label.


Am I missing something obvious? My builder is waiting for this plan, but I wanted to check the square footage before sending it out.






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Hi everyone,


Ok, I found a solution. The bottom line is that, at least for me, if Plan Check doesn't find any problems, the Living Area label is not restored. Here is how I tested this:


I created a new plan that only contained the outer walls of my plan. I deleted the living area label and ran Plan Check. The Living Area label instantly appeared, along with 3 errors (no front door, no garage door, no garage window). I corrected the issues, deleted the living area label and reran Plan Check. There were no errors, and as a result, the Living Area label did not return.


So then I went back to my plan. It didn't seem reasonable that there were no errors at all (some smaller closet doors should have generated an error, for example). So, I introduced an obvious error - I removed the front door, then ran Plan Check. This time it had 44 errors/warnings and the Living Area label came back.


So, really I had two problems. Plan Check wasn't working properly, and if it finds no issues, the Living Area label won't return.


Hopefully this will help others experiencing this problem.

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