Horizontal siding over deck rim joist


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I need to show horizontal siding (Hardie) over the deck rim joist.  When I change the material on the deck rim joist object to either Hardie siding (by mfg) or to generic siding from standard material library, I get vertical slats of siding.  It appears it is rotating the siding material 90 degrees.


Anyone tried this before?  Suggestion?


Thanks in Advance!

































































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In such cases you may need to make a copy of the intended material with a slightly new name and then alter the direction of the material using the "Tri Color" tool (Adjust Material Definition). If you have two or more copies of the same material in a plan file, the names must be different and each instance can then be rotated, direction wise however you like, they just cannot have the same exact name.

20 minutes ago, CoastalHomes said:

Anyone tried this before?

Yes and that was the solution I came up with.



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